Renting a car when you’re on holidays in Cancun can be very easy if you know a few tips: get a good deal by prebooking online, get a full coverage insurance so that you won’t worry about a thing, inspect the car before you take it. If you want to find out more, read this article.

1. Why should I rent a car when I’m on holidays in Cancun?

If you are an active person and you want more action than relaxing on the resort beach then you should definitely rent a car for your Cancun holidays. By having a car you can get to any touristic location whenever you want, without waiting for the tour bus, van or taxi. You can easily drive to Puerto Morelos for snorkling, to Xcaret Park, where you can swim with the dolphins, to isolated beaches or to the well known Chichen Itza. Also visiting Tulum, Xel Ha or the wonderful Playa del Carmen can be an option.

Cancun holidays trips

2. What papers do you need to rent a car in Cancun?

To rent a car in Cancun you need to be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving licence, your passport and a Credit Card.

3. Always purchase a full-coverage insurance.

Because you will drive in a foreign country where you will not know the legal system you need to take all the precautions to avoid any hassle if an accident occur. By having a full-coverage insurance you’ll have no worry no matter what happens. It can cost you up to $50 a day, but it will worth every penny in case of accident, stolen car, damaged car in parking. As a tip, always read the papers before signing.

4. Make sure you inspect the car before taking it.

This is one of the most important rules of renting a car in Cancun. Before you sign the papers for renting it, always ask the agent to take you to inspect the car. Take your time to notice any scratch on it, and note everything you see that is not ok, because if you don’t see it, you will probably pay for it when you’ll return.

Another important thing is to look if the car has both licence plates. Usually if you park illegaly the police will take one licence plate from your car and you have to go to the police station to pay a ticket to get it back. If you return the car with a missing plate you will pay a fee to the renting company and they will get it back for you.

Inspecting the car

5. The bigger the car, the more you pay.

Before renting the Car, you should think about what kind of vehicle you’ll need for your Cancun holidays. If you are traveling with your family and with a lot of gear, you may want a SUV or large sedan. If you just want to save money on rental rates and gas, you’ll want to reserve the smallest available model.

The prices for renting may vary depending on car type, size, accesories, but basically a bigger car it will cost you more than an economical one. And this will affect the price of the insurance and gas (a bigger one uses more fuel).

6. Be Smart: pre-book it online to get the BEST PRICE for rent a car in Cancun.

You can rent the car when you arrive in Cancun, or you can pre-book it online. The main advantage of pre-booking is the price and the availability. You can get good deals if you rent it in advance, plus you can choose the model you want without worrying it is out of stock in the moment you start your holidays in Cancun.

As example for a compact car you can pay daily around $50-$80 for booking at the airport, but for the same car pre-booked you will pay around $40. If you choose to pre-book the car, print the reservation and the e-mail confirmation and show them to the company agent when you get there.

Our recommandation for rent a car in Cancun recommends you one of the most important international rent-a-car companies in the world: Hertz. By pre-booking at Hertz you will benefit of quality services provided by a company with over 80 years experience in renting and with good reviews all over the world.
Hertz has 8 locations in Cancun where you can rent the cars: Cancun International Airport, Airport FBO, Cancun ADO, Crab House, Plaza La Isla, WalMart, Xcaret, Yaxchilan.


Rent a car in Cancun Airport

The following rent a car companies have desks inside the Cancun International Airport, in Terminal 2: Hertz, National, Budget, Advantage Rent-a-Car, Alamo, Avis, Executive, Thrifty Car Rental.

If you have any information or tips regarding rent a car for Cancun holidays please don’t hesitate to write a comment. Thank you and have fun on your Cancun holidays!