To spend your vacation in Cancun is one of the best choices you’ll ever make: dream location, views that take your breath away, luxury hotels, everything to make you feel great. But, above all, you must make sure that everything will go smoothly there.

There are some important things which you really need to know before boarding to this beautiful and luxurious location – Cancun: seasons/weather, currency, official documents (Visa), travel insurances, electricity in Cancun and others. Make sure you account for these small details, because as it was said “details make the difference!”.

Cancun seasons

As you probably know, Cancun has a tropical weather with two main seasons: the dry season from November to June and the wet season from June to November. The highest prices for holidays are in the middle of the summer (July/August) and from December to March. You can get the lowest prices in May, June, October and November, but our recommandation is November, because the wet season is ending, the temperature is perfect and it isn’t crowded.

What is the currency in Cancun?

Pesos Banknotes

In all the Yucatan Peninsula (that includes Cancun) you can pay with US dollars or Mexican pesos. If you come with other type of currencies you can exchange them at the banks or at the ATMs (the best rate is at ATMs), but you should know that it will be expensive. The best thing to do is to take US dollars in cache or credit cards.

As a short info,
1 US dollar = 13-14 Mexican pesos
1 Euro = 17-18 Mexican pesos

Over the weekend or on Mexican holidays, don’t forget to have enough pesos to carry you because the banks are closed. In general, avoid carrying the US$100 bill, the bill most commonly counterfeited in Mexico, and therefore, the most difficult to exchange. The US one dollar bill is very useful for tipping.

Do I need a Visa to go in Cancun?

You need a Passport to go to Cancun

No, you don’t need visas to spend the holidays in Cancun, as long as you don’t stay in Mexico more than 6 months. All you need is a valid passport if you are from Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland or other countries from Europe. If you are a citizen from US or Canada you can no longer enter Mexico just with the birth certificate or driver licence, you have to bring a passport.

Should we get travel insurances if we spend the holidays in Cancun?

We strongly advise you to buy a full travel insurance that will cover the duration of your staying Cancun. This should include loss of luggage, theft and full medical insurance.


Flat Pin Plug

In Mexico, like in US and Canada, the electricity operates on a 110 Volt system using the flat-pin plugs. If you come from Europe where the electricity operates on a 220-240 Volt system, get a transformer and a plug adaptor, or buy one from the market.

Tours and activities tip

Spending the holidays in peak seasons has its disadvantages. If you plan activities such
as diving, taking different tours and adventure trips on a fixed schedule, you must
book trips as far ahead as possible on the internet or directly to the tour operator to be sure you get the tickets.

What clothes should I pack for a trip in Cancun?

Because the climate changes are minimal, you should bring clothes for warm weather like light cotton garments and airy sandals. If you wish to explore the forests and the Maya ruins, get a longsleeved shirt, long trousers and comfortable walking shoes. However, if you come from November to January get a light jacket for the evenings. Check out this video to see what else to pack for a holiday in Cancun: