August is the hottest month of the year in Cancun. Cancun weather in August is extremely hot with 25 days of the 30 having temperatures in excess of 90F and every single day exceeding 80F. Mid nineties might not seem that hot on the face of it compared with certain parts of the US at this time of the year, but what you have to remember is the humidity.

Weather Averages for Cancun in August

image Temperature 28°C82°F
image Low Temperature 26°C78°F
image High Temperature 32°C90°F
image Sunshine Hours 11 hrs
image Rainfall 109mm
Rainfall days 11 days
image Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

Humidity is kind of like wind chill, but in reverse. While wind chill makes cold temperatures feel colder humidity make hot temperatures feel hotter so a mid nineties day will actually feel like it is way over 100F.

August is well within hurricane season and the chance of a hurricane happening is higher than in June and July but not as high as in Sept and October. It follows that later in August has a higher chance than the beginning of the month. However, you should remember that hurricanes that affect Cancun significantly are rare, just 2 in the last 30 years. While in any typical August hurricanes do form annually they are often a long way from Cancun and have no effect at all.

An average August has the fourth highest monthly rainfall, with rain falling on 4 days of the month. Again, you shouldn’t let this worry you too much as the rainfall is usually sporadic but heavy – rarely will those 4 days of rainfall occur on consecutive days and last all day long.

Humidity ranges from between 70% to 84% throughout the month of August in Cancun, it will feel hot and sticky and provide the perfect excuse to enjoy a dip in the ocean or pool. You’ll find that at this time of year the ocean will probably be warmer than the pool, and particularly in shallow areas with little wave action the temperature can be a little uncomfortable at first – kind of like stepping into a hot bath!