If you travel to Cancun, and you expect that the official summer is over and you will not have any fun like in the summertime, you are wrong! The wonderful weather of Cancun allows beach activities all year round, and not only is very pleasant in December, but you can take advantage of all fourteen miles of white sandy beach.

Weather Averages for Cancun in December

image Temperature 24°C


image Low Temperature 21°C


image High Temperature 28°C


image Sunshine Hours 8 hrs
image Rainfall 109mm
Rainfall days 5 days
image Sea Temperature 27°C


One of the most popular activities when in Cancun is the sightseeing of the ancient Maya ruins, especially Chichen Itza.

Holiday in Cancun in December for Weber Family

If you are not a fan of ancient culture, you may enjoy your holiday in Cancun by shopping in the various centers within the Hotel zone. Whether visitors want souvenir shops, department stores, boutiques or even flea markets, they are going to find something to buy.

The weather in Cancun in December is lovely and this makes the outdoor activities fun all day long: golf, parasailing, biking, kite diving.

Snorkeling and scubadiving are very popular sports in Cancun in December, because the sea is warm in this time of year, approx. 81 °F

There is a very small probability that your Cancun holiday will encounter a tropical storm in December, but it is much less likely than it was in the previous two months./p>

The Christmas holidays are celebrated in Downtown Cancun, with parades, street fairs and passion plays.

Bottom line, you will have a wonderful vacation in December in Cancun, where you can spend the Christmas and New Years Eve on the beach relaxing and having fun.