Cancun weather in January, although the coldest month of the year in Cancun, is likely to be a lot warmer than home. While Canada and much of the US experience ice and snow and sub zero temperatures, Cancun enjoys an average high temperature of 83 degrees in January, with average low temperatures typically in the mid 60’s. This means it’s still T shirt and shorts weather even in the depths of the Cancun ‘winter’. While it is unlikely that any single day in January will exceed 90F the average month produces no less than 20 days where temperatures exceed 80F.

Weather Averages for Cancun in January

image Temperature 23°C73°F
image Low Temperature 19°C66°F
image High Temperature 27°C81°F
image Sunshine Hours 8 hrs
image Rainfall 89mm
Rainfall days 10 days
image Sea Temperature 27°C81°F

Those visiting in January can enjoy several cultural celebrations. One of these is the Mayan Village Show. Mayan culture is a huge part of the background of Cancun and this event, held at Xcaret Park, celebrates it.

The Epiphany also takes place during January and is an event of religious significance. Restaurants in Cancun put a twist on the normal festivities by serving cake that has a doll baked inside. Whoever gets the slice with the doll inside invites everyone at his or her table to a meal the following month.

Fishermen from all over come to Cancun for the Annual Handline Barracuda Tournament in late January. It is a charity event based from the nearby island of Isla Mujeres.