Cancun weather in July is hot. High temperatures are well over 90F on 24 of the 31 days in a typical month and of those remaining temperatures wont be far short of 90. While mid nineties might not sound that hot the incredibly high humidity means the ‘feel like temperature’ is another 20 degrees more.

Weather Averages for Cancun in July

image Temperature 28°C82°F
image Low Temperature 26°C78°F
image High Temperature 32°C90°F
image Sunshine Hours 11 hrs
image Rainfall 109mm
Rainfall days 11 days
image Sea Temperature 29°C 84°F

In an average July there will be 4 rainy days dumping around 4 inches of rain. Now, this doesn’t mean it rains all day long for those 4 days, more often than not there might be a short quick downpour sometimes only lasting 15 minutes or so before disappearing as quickly as it appeared – but that still counts as rain day in Cancun which boasts over 300 sunny days a year.

July is the second month of hurricane season and classed as early season. While usually a quiet month because the ocean to the south hasn’t yet warmed up enough for ideal formation conditions, hurricanes are a definite possibility.

The last hurricane to affect Cancun in July was in 2005 when Emily passed about 60 miles away to the south. Damage in Cancun was minimal.

As mentioned, July is a very humid month with humidity levels ranging from 70- 84% making for hot and sweaty conditions. The sea breeze does do a little to help averaging at 9 miles per hour throughout the month.

By July the ocean will have warmed up considerably and will be about the same temperature as your hotels pool at around 80F. Smaller pools may well be considerably warmer.