Cancun weather in June is very nice indeed! You should expect high temperatures of over 90F and minimum temperatures in the mid 70’s. In June the temperature in Cancun will exceed 90F on more than half of the days in the month and every single day will be above 80 degrees.
However, June is often the wettest month of the year too with 7 inches of rain falling in an average June month.

Weather Averages for Cancun in June

image Temperature 28°C82°F
image Low Temperature 26°C78°F
image High Temperature 32°C89°F
image Sunshine Hours 10 hrs
image Rainfall 178mm
Rainfall days 19 days
image Sea Temperature 28°C 82°F

The rain is usually infrequent but often extremely heavy, this means that when it rains, it really does rain. If you’re not from a tropical country you probably haven’t seen anything quite like it! However, the rain can clear up just as quickly as it arrived giving rise to sauna like conditions as it evaporates. It is very rare in June for rain to spoil a whole day in Cancun.

You should expect rain on 6 days out of the 30 days in June but these are likely to be spread across the whole month rather than being consecutive and therefore it’s unlikely your whole vacation will be wiped out.

June is also the start of hurricane season which runs all the way through until November. Hurricanes in June are rare and the chances of one hitting Cancun even rarer, so you shouldn’t worry too much about a Cancun hurricane in June.

Humidity can be a killer (not literally, thankfully) but it really can make you sweat buckets and make a temperature of 90 feel like 110. Humidity ranges between 73% to 84% on a typical June day in Cancun.

Normal wind speeds are pretty consistent throughout the whole of the year, in June usually hovering around the 10mph mark, which provides a nice refreshing sea breeze.