When thinking of spending the holidays in Cancun, one of the most popular question is if this city is a safe destination. But before we’ll talk about it, you should know that Cancun welcomes around 5 milion international visitors every year and around 190 planes land in Cancun every day. That makes Cancun the number one resort from Mexico and a very important point of Mexico’s economy. For example tourism contributed $11.8 billion to Mexico’s economy in 2010 and this is why the government can’t afford to lose it.

So, the main argument that Cancun is a safe place to spend the holidays is that in economic terms is very important for Mexico’s GDP. Technically it attracts a lot of money.

Cancun Holidays Info Tips:

  • If you live in USA you can call 888-407-4747 to get up-do-date information on safety and security for Cancun, between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday through Friday.
  • Visitors now can dial 911 in Cancun for emergencies instead of the 066 that locals use.

What are the tourists fears regarding holidays in Cancun?

  • Drug Cartel Wars – this is a distorted idea from the press. Even though in some areas of Mexico the crime rate is high (mainly on the northern border), Cancun is a safe place for holidays. The dangerous zones are thousand miles from Cancun. You can see the map below:

Cancun safe map
More information on www.cancunissafe.com/
You can read here an interesting point of view from a nice lady, who lives there.

  • I will be executed there – you will be ok. Belive us! Why? Because you’ll be there to have fun, not to make businesses with the mobsters.
  • Cancun Police corruption – this is true. A few of them are indeed corrupt, but if you are stopped by them and you have not actually committed a crime, the last place they want to take you is to the station. The corrupt cops just want to get some money, and then leave you alone. So if you are really innocent then ask to see a judge at the police station!
  • Pick pockets, thefts from hotel rooms – these small type of crime occurs in every city around the world, tourist attraction or not. Use your common sense and street smarts and you’ll be fine. Don’t accept rides from unknown persons, don’t go into suspicious bars, do not wander away from brightly lit public places in the night and when riding the bus always go on the first class.

Even if Cancun is safe, take common sense precautions

The beach resort areas and places frequented by tourists are the safest zones from Cancun. But if you want to have a very nice holiday in Cancun without any problem you should know that following these common sense rules will make your life easier:

  • use only pre-arranged transportation between the airport and the resort
  • always keep a close watch on your personal belongings
  • place your valuables in a safe
  • carry only one credit card and a minimal amount of cash
  • at night try not to travel alone
  • do not get irresponsibly intoxicated
  • do not accept drinks from strangers
  • do not wear expensive jewelry
  • remember the golder rule: if it is too good to be true, it probably is