Cancun is one of the most popular places to be for Spring Break, so, If you’re looking for the Ultimate Spring Break Experience, Cancun is the only way to go:

  • Stunning beaches and all-inclusive resorts set the scene for an amazing week!
  • Not only a beautiful tropical destination with breathtaking beaches and blue waters, ancient Mayan ruins and the Great Mesoamerican Reef, but it has some awesome nightlife too!
  • Inception Music Festival events at Cancun’s hottest clubs every night with world-class DJs and performers!
  • Unrivaled beach and pool parties every day, featuring weekly headlining artists!
  • All the hotels in the Zona Hotelera are at most a short bus ride away from the nightclubs!

You might have a more difficult time finding accommodations willing to accept spring breakers, so it’s good that you are planning early if you do indeed decide to visit Cancun. Additionally, before booking at any resort, be sure to check their policy on checking in. Many hotels and resorts are instituting no spring breakers policies and will not allow college students on their own. Generally, you will find that the percentage of “spring breakers” at a given hotel is inversely proportional to the cost of the rooms. And if you don’t know what “inversely proportional” means, then forget about going away for spring break – stay home and study!

If you search some website, you’ll find the lists of which hotels are accepting college students. The most popular ones have been Flamingo, El Pueblito, Riu Cancun and Oasis in recent years.

You might want to note that Cancun has made a conscious effort to move out of the spring break market and as such has been keeping their prices high and hotels renovating have upgraded their facilities and their prices accordingly.

If you’re a student and you want to have the best Spring Break trip ever, keep in mind:


1. There are a lot of Cancun Party Packages, with 3, 4 or more night packages, which will let you skip the line and will get you front and center for some of the world’s most epic nightlife. You can find them very easy at the most travel agencies.

2. If you’re younger than 18 into the country who is not your own, you MUST have a notarized letter from the parents or guardian(s). This applies to family members as well as non-family members.

3. When shopping or clubbing, stay with the crowds. No city in the world should be walked alone at night. Even a safe place like Cancun is best explored in a group.

4. Cheap Cancun day trips: from snorkeling off tropical islands and zip-lining through the jungle, to discovering some of the area’s mysterious and historic sites, taking a day trip from Cancun is the perfect way to get the most out of your trip.

5. Hawkers are everywhere in the main tourist areas in Cancun. They approach with a friendly demeanor and are very persistent. Steel yourself to repeat “No gracias” over and over throughout the day if you are out and about.

6. If you have any legal issues in Cancun, go directly to your nation’s embassy and speak with your consulate.

7. Take care of your money! Pesos are the cash in Cancun. US Dollars are also accepted in most places, but be careful carrying large amounts of American cash on you. Convert some dollars before you head to Mexico or be prepared to get cash out of an ATM or exchange money at your resort. The conversion rate is between 12 and 13 pesos per U.S. dollar.

8. Mexico has very strict laws when it comes to defacement of currency. No bills that have been torn can be passed in Cancun—not even as tips or petty change. If someone offers you a torn bill, politely asked for one that has not been defaced. Otherwise, you have just lost money.

9. You’ll probably call your parents (at least asking for extra-money). Take care of the public phone! There are phones plastered all over some towns, usually on the front of businesses. They are marked “TO CALL LONG DISTANCE TO THE USA & CANADA, SIMPLY DIAL 0″. The writing is in black and USA is in blue letters with CANADA in red letters. They also have pictures of credit cards on the signs. The phones are put there by a private phone company and are very expensive. You will probably faint when you see your phone bill or credit card bill.

10. Relax, smile and have fun!
And the last tip: don’t do things that you will surely regret when you come back home!